New scalable LOD, clutter settings, and more!

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New scalable LOD, clutter settings, and more!

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Hello all! As Tralon's Journey's development moves away from gameplay systems and almost purely into the main quest and world, I'd like for us at the team to slowly start sharing more information about the game. More posts will come in the following weeks, but a fun little snippet is that the game's world now can draw more or less, depending on user settings. This allows PC players to kick the world into maximum detail, giving the game a massive visual improvement. There are also now "clutter" items that have no impact on gameplay, such as grass, some foliage, rocks, etc that now draw based on clutter settings too. These are adjustable the same on all platforms, but are defaulted to minimum on mobile for both performance and battery concerns. The main quest is being implemented slowly but surely, however the game itself is essentially system complete. This means that all of the important and primary systems of the game are fully finished and functional, however the content itself is still being worked on. This is a very big deal! The game will be making visible, and presentable progress, very very quickly. We hope to share more soon! All the best, Trevthedev.
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