The Ravens welcome you to your new obsession. Wrath of the Raven God is an RPG experience like no other. It is a spiritual successor to the legendary record breaking Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall, set in a unique and rich universe.

"On the 9th year, the raven god cult hangs animals, moon elves, and golden bands in sacred forests. This year was not like the others, it was the first year the god had different names, different identites. What started with a small fight in one grove turned into total warfare. As I was leaving the island, a seeress told me to never return, for the wrath of their god is upon them." - Prophecy of the Seeress, Raven's Gate: The Accounts of a Wood Elf Who Survived the Folk of the North

Wrath of the Raven God is a first person computer role playing game heavily inspired off of homebrew tabletop RPG elements. Set in a war torn world, the player embarks on a quest across several dozen regions on a massive map with millions of places to explore.

Release Date: To Be Announced

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